Computer Petting Zoo

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Tweets from Orchard Square artists in residence

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Computer Petting Zoo

For four weeks in August 2017, I am artist-in-residence at the Orchard Square shopping centre, right in the middle of Sheffield. I am displaying three virtual pets on recycled computers. The pets will start out simple, and become gradually more complex, as I change them over time to mimic the words and attitudes of their visitors.




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Virtual pets Game jam, 19th August

A game jam is an event at which a group of people come together to quickly and roughly make experimental videogames. The games that come out of jams tend to be glitchy and strange-looking, and this is part of their charm. Come and join the jam to make your own virtual pet.

Unconference, 26th August

An unconference is like a conference, but much more informal. Anybody can come and give a talk – it can be planned or improvised, and often people didn’t know they were going to speak until the mood suddenly takes them. Come to learn in a creative, kind, collaborative space.

Facebook event page


Sheffield Making Ways

Making Ways is an ambitious three-year project that will demonstrate, celebrate and develop exceptional contemporary visual art produced in Sheffield. Making Ways is funded by Arts Council England, Sheffield City Council, The University of Sheffield and Sheffield Hallam University.

Making Ways project website