Event with No Fun Collective, Prague

Date: 13.05.2023
Beginning: 18:00


etc. galerie z.s.
Sarajevská 68/16
Praha 2 120 00
Czech Republic
IČ: 22738924

The project was financially supported by the City of Prague, the State Cultural Fund, and the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic.

Cis Penance is currently included in a fantastic exhibition of queer games at Etc Galerie in Prague, created by No Fun Collective. They’re organising an event this Saturday, which I’ll be joining remotely. I’m rather sad to be unable to join in Prague, but very excited to be trying out a new format for this event – Cis Penance will be performed live, with an actor reading out the dialogue!

More details about the event available here: https://etcgalerie.cz/en/performativni-prednaska-cis-penance-live/


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