Squinky Collab live performance next week!

The interactive live performance of my collab project with Squinky is next week, and tickets are still available! Details below.

About this event

Video Call Calamity is an online interactive play about the awkwardness of video calls, and the scripts and protocols that we use to try to pass as ‘normal’.

Audience members are invited (but not forced!) to take on the roles of two of the main characters, while the rest of the audience creates the script live, through voting and text chat. Expect some big feelings, uncomfortable silences, and unsolicited rants about queerness and neurodiversity.

While this show encourages interaction, there is no pressure to speak on camera. Audience members can just type in the specially designed online platform to influence the course of events!

The show will be followed by approximately 30 mins of informal discussion with the artists and Andro and Eve, and with space for folk to connect and share their thoughts.


£10 + booking fee
or £15 + booking fee for Solidarity Tickets.
Discounted tickets (£5) available for those on low incomes.


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