Open City Documentary Festival Expanded Realities Exhibition

The work-in-progress of Cis Penance will be on display online this September as part of an exhibition for the Open City Documentary Festival.

We will host a mix of curated and newly commissioned work from artists and practitioners pushing the boundaries of interactive non-fiction storytelling. The exhibition will be free to access and available internationally from 9th – 15th September. A full micro-site that has been specially built to host the exhibition will launch soon.

I’m also excited to see the other work that will be included in the exhibition, including work by Jenny Jiao Hsia and Pol Clarissou. Jenny Hiao Hsia is representing the hands-on creativity that most people still are not aware of in videogames, by showing work made in Twine, Bitsy, and other open source game-making tools, as well as a game made for Flatjam. Pol Clarissou, whose previous work such as Orchids to Dusk has made my heart soar, is showing a Bitsy piece about moss and space – “moss as texture as space folding onto itself” uses lo-fi graphics and interactive poetry to draw you into the arts of noticing in a more-than-human living world.

The exhibition is free online from 9th-15th September, if you want to check it out!

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