Dublin Fringe Queer Oasis

This week I’m presenting work at the Dublin Fringe festival as part of the Fully Automated Luxury Gender Oasis by Trans Live Art Salon. I’m giving a reading of my chapter from the Queer Game Studies book on Friday, and I’m also exhibiting my interactive fiction piece “Elixir”. I’m super excited to be involved in a project that explicitly calls for utopian queer marxist world building! Here’s a piece in the Dublin Inquirer where they talk about it

The collective settled on calling the space “The Fully Automated Luxury Gender Oasis” as a nod to an imaginary future in which robots will do all the work and humans will live in luxury as a result.

“Once all work is automated there are two potential options for the future,” says McQuaid-O’Dwyer.

“Either ten people own all the robots and everyone else is starving, or fully automated luxury communism, where the robots do all the work and we all reap the rewards,” […] “It becomes fully automated luxury gay space communism,” says McQuaid-O’Dwyer. “Where all the gays and all the queers can go into space and set up their own luxury communist state.”

About the stuff I’m showing


Elixir uses a constructed language to make players navigate the class boundaries and power imbalances of transgender health care… in hell! Play it here

Chaos and Community Histories

A short piece of writing based on a talk I gave at QGCon in 2013, in which I discuss the kinds of aspirations I had as a queer historian of games. It’s in this book by University of Minnesota Press

About the festival

The Trans Live Art Salon is hosting an inclusive space in the heart of the city with performances, readings, queer skill-sharing workshops, all served with tea and biscuits to keep festival-goers going during Fringe-time. Learn more here


Critical Distance | July 30th

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Critical Distance | July 23rd

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I’m bringing a virtual petting zoo to Orchard Square!

I’m excited to announce that I’ve been granted a four-week residency in the Orchard Square shopping centre in the centre of Sheffield, which has been organised as a collaboration between the Making Ways project and the retail property investment firm London and Associated Partners.

The project is what you might call a “virtual petting zoo”. From 5th August, I will be taking my fleet of recycled computers to a small retail space on the first floor of Orchard Square, and showing some little virtual pet programs. You can come and pet them and see what they’re up to. They will start out very simple, but over time will become more complex as I develop them to resemble the people who come to visit.

I will also be hosting a virtual pet-themed game jam on 19th August, and a mini-conference on animals and games on 26th. If you’d like to be involved in either of those I would be delighted to hear from you!

After I’m done, three other exciting residencies from other artists will follow, everyone doing something rare and unusual with the retail space.

More details coming over the next couple of weeks – subscribe to my email list to get the latest information every week.



Critical Distance | July 16th

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Skeleton in a Beret showing at Trans Pride Brighton

Skeleton in a Beret, the short film I wrote and presented as part of EDEN Shorts is showing at Trans Pride in Brighton this month!

For the fifth year running, Trans Pride BrightonMy Genderation and Eyes Wide Open Cinema have teamed up to curate a selection of short film exploring a variety of trans lives and experiences worldwide. This eclectic selection, featuring both fact and fiction film, is a testament to the heterogeneity of trans lives and a celebration of resilience in the face of oppression.

The programme will be screened first on Friday 21 July at Duke’s at Komedia – tickets are available here.

Our second screening of the programme will be on Monday 31 July at the De La Warr Pavilion in Bexhill – tickets are available here.

More details here.